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The Otha Level

The four Man Comedy Troupe, the "Otha Level", consisting of Comedians Joe Blount, Carlos "Spanky" Hayes, Howie Bell and Thomas Ward. The "Otha Level" has united under the umbrella of Comedy World Network to record and produce their hit single "Get the Fuqq On"!

After nearly 20 years since their last performance, each member has carved out very successful individual careers and prepare for another run as one of the most popular Sketch Comedy Troupes in history!

As we look at each member starting with Joe Blount, who has carved out a very successful Stand-up Comedy career as well as becoming a Director/Actor in his self-produced independent film "Once Upon a Time in Detroit" with much critical acclaim.

Carlos "Spanky" Hayes has been a cast member of the culturally iconic MTV show "Wild-N-Out" in its earlier seasons as well as continuing to tour with a live comedy show of the same name.

Howie Bell has established himself as one of the premier road Comedians in America. Howie has been a "P Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy" All-Star and also performs regularly at the hottest Urban comedy night in the country at "Chocolate Sundays" live from the Hollywood's Laugh Factory.

Last but not least Thomas Ward is currently opening in Las Vegas for Comedian Actor Eddie Griffin in Las Vegas and headlines shows on his own. A Film School graduate, Thomas has produced several Comedy tv and film specials.

These four dynamic performers are reuniting to perform hit recordings and comedy specials for excited audiences throughout the country and oversees.

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